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Popular behavioural finance workshop/conference topics


1. Rise of the cyborg

Big data & sophisticated algorithms have been shown to make some predictions that human minds cannot hope to match. Are humans set to become redundant in a world dominated by machines? The role for professional judgment in the future will be in areas where humans can complement machines, combining to achieve outcomes that surpass those achievable by either humans or machines independently.


2. Turning down the decibels

We are increasingly bombarded with news & information, analyses and commentaries, data and reports. For individuals, managing inbox overload has become a priority in the 21st century. Stress and poor decisions can result. How can decision-making research and strategies help to cut through the noise and allow better decisions based on what really matters?


3. A wise crowd or a mad herd 

In some contexts groups of individuals have been shown to perform better than any of their individual members, while in other cases “group-think” and herding can lead groups to making errors than none of their individual members would make alone. Teams (boards, leadership teams, etc) sit at the apex of many decision-making processes, making effective group decision-making critical. How can they capture the good and avoid the bad aspects of group decision-making?


4. Polishing the crystal ball

Forecasts, predictions and expectations underpin important decisions and yet the evidence suggests that many are notoriously inaccurate and systematically biased. How can we leverage decision-making research to make more reliable forecasts and predictions, and to identify where unforeseen risk and opportunities might lurk?


5. Behavioural investing 

Biases impact investors, both individual and professional investors alike - albeit not always in the same ways. Some of these biases aggregate to impact market outcomes. How can investment processes be designed to both mitigates bias and capture behavioural anomalies?


6. Behavioural influence & engagement:

How can advisers, super funds, fund managers and accountants apply insights from behavioural finance research to better engage with clients/members as well as business partners? How can they engage with independently-minded clients who want to make many of their own decisions, even if they don't appears to have the necessary skills and experience, or clients who are disengaged, or clients who might overreact? How can forms, web sites, marketing material, performance reports, call centre scripts and face to face conversations help tilt clients towards the right outcomes?